Sermon Notes

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Just Go - Week 1 - Boldly

Key Scripture (2 Timothy 1:7): "...for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control"

Don't trip on your past on the way to your future

Jacob could have let his past keep him from stepping into the future

We must be bold as we step into our future regardless of our past

Don't let your present blind you of your purpose

Jacob could have used his new leverage to better his position where he was, but he didn't

Jacob could have complained when Laban didn't play fair, but he didn't

We must refuse to settle and we must refuse to complain if we're going to be bold

Count your blessings instead of considering your odds

The odds were against Jacob, but he knew that he was blessed

Jacob did something, he knew that YHWH was seeking to work through him

If Father is with us, then He'll use us regardless of what the odds are

Conclusion: Just go with boldness!