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Mysterious - Week 5 - Misunderstanding

Key Scripture (Genesis 30:18): Leah said, “God has given me my wages because I gave my servant to my husband.” So she called his name Issachar.

When we’re arrogant, we are misunderstanding who He is (14-15)

  • Rachel knows that she’ll always be Jacob’s favorite
  • Rachel assumes that Leah won’t get pregnant
  • Rachel’s arrogance resulted in Leah’s pregnancy
  • When we’re arrogant we’re telling Father, “I can do it, You can’t”

When we chase after the affection of others, we are misunderstanding who He is (16-20)

  • Leah is still begging for Jacob’s attention
  • She has forgotten that she already has Father’s attention
  • Other’s affection will never be outdone by Father’s affection

When we are discontent, we are misunderstanding who He is (21-24)

  • Rachel is obviously excited about Joseph
  • Yet she is not content, she wants another
  • Realizing YHWH’s commitment results in genuine contentment

Conclusion: When we think we understand who He is, we misunderstand who He is (16-18)