Ferguson Families

Life is a journey and the spiritual life is a pilgrimage we take together

Ferguson Families

Life is a journey and the spiritual life is a pilgrimage that we all take together. Walk with those who have gone before you and who are coming after you through the ups and downs life inevitably brings; growing in knowledge and in knowing God.

This is the means by which God grows us. When we follow the path God laid out, the path that other men and women have followed for centuries, we give the Spirit opportunity to shape us more into the image of Christ, effectively putting to death our false selves and bringing to abundant life our truest selves that we were uniquely designed to be. We grow together through heartache and trials, joys and celebrations!

Our Upcomming Study is Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

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Host or facilitate

Our small groups are facilitator-led. This means you do not have to be a gifted teacher to lead a Ferguson Family. On the contrary, we are praying for men and women who are moved by their love for each other to open their homes and dedicate time to do life together. Teaching is left up to thought provoking and soul stirring curriculum and video series. If you have the space, but aren't in the place to facilitate, that's fine! There will likely be facilitators who are short on space and you can serve as a hosts while someone else facilitates in your home. If you are interested in learning more about becoming either a host or a facilitator, simply click below and someone on our servant-leadership team will get in touch to answer any further questions!